Dušica Grba & Associates Law Office

The Dušica Grba Law Office was established in 2008 with a vision to specialize to the highest standards in the field of economic law, and in order to achieve maximum results, as well as to provide for our Clients the best possible and optimal solutions.

In the field of the international freight transport services by land, our Law Office has been recommended by the ‘International Transport’ Business Association in the capacity of the Association Consultant. This Business Association gathers some 900 transportation companies.

Our objective is to represent a trustworthy and reliable partner for our Clients who shall at any moment have the opportunity to consult us on any issues that might arise in their business dealings.

We are here to merit and justify Your confidence, and also to become a permanent member of Your team.

Please find attached the answers to all Your questions regarding the basic information on the Grba Law Office, as well as our professional references and the operational field of our work.

Yours Sincerely,
Dušica Grba – Attorney at Law

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Dušica Grba & Associates Law Office

Our offices are located in Belgrade and Novi Sad